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Toshiba OCZ RC100 240GB SSD Review

We were even further away from the official random write figure of 110,000 IOPS in our 4K random write tests. This suite of tests pushes drives quite hard especially at deeper queue depths and looking at the very high latency figures even from the start, it appears that the RC100 wasn’t very happy dealing with any of the test runs regardless of queue depth.

Most desktop operations happen in the 1 – 4 queue depth range, so we’ve broken out the test results to see how the drive performs at these queue depths in comparison with other drives, as well as at a queue depth of 32 – although in the desktop environment you’ll seldom, if ever, see a queue depth that high.

4K Sustained Random Writes Queue Depth results

Throughout the queue depth range, our RC100 really struggled with the 4K random write tests as can be seen by the very low IOPS scores.

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