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WD Red SN700 1TB NVMe SSD Review

We used CrystalDiskMark 8 to test the random performance of the drive at lower queue depths (QD1 – QD8 where most of the everyday workloads occur) using 1 to 4 threads.

4K Random Read Performance QD1-QD8.

The 1TB WD Red SN700 4K read performance climbs smoothly throughout the tested queue depths and threads. At QD1 the performance of the drive ranges from 13,672 IOPS (56MB/s) using a single thread up to 53.889 IOPS (220MB/s) using four threads.

4K Random Write Performance QD1-8.

When it comes to 4K random writes, the performance using a single thread ranges from 51,012 IOPS (208MB/s) at QD1 up to a peak of 86,258 IOPS (353MB/s) at QD4.

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