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Steam Survey shows large jumps in 4-core processors and 8GB RAM

The Steam hardware and software survey for June has been published by Valve, giving us a look into what gamers are currently running. Many users seem to have made the jump to 4-core processors and although Windows 10 has seen a slight increase, Windows 7 is still operating on over a third of the user base.

In the GPU category, nearly two thirds of the market belong to Nvidia, with a large increase in DirectX 12 users. This isn’t a surprise since Nvidia has been pushing DirextX 12, even enabling support on older cards. AMD currently hold 20 percent of the market, while integrated graphics from Intel falls slightly lower at 15.54 percent.

The most popular card seems to be the GeForce GTX 1060, with 6.29 percent of users. Intel HD Graphics 5500 makes an appearance at number 20, with 1.22 percent of users and AMD falls just shorter with its AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series at 21st place, taking 1.21 percent of the market. It is worth noting that the gap will likely get much closer with the upcoming release of AMD’s Vega line-up.

The CPU category sees many users making the jump to 4-core processors, now dominating over half of the market. AMD are currently under the weight of Intel at a 19.01 percent share in comparison to Intel’s 80.99. This is a drop from AMD’s 22 percent in February, but this gap is expected to close once again with its upcoming Ryzen Pro line of CPUs and Threadripper tearing up the news.

53 percent of Steam users are now on Windows 10, with a heavy favour to the 64-bit version which is an increase from 50.82 in February, but Windows 7 still holds strong with more than a third of the user base.

Another interesting note is the large 2.77 percent jump to 8GB RAM, taking up 38.90 percent of users. 12GB and higher also sees a jump, claiming 23.06 percent of the user base, showing that gamers are readying their rigs for the increase in how demanding newer games can be.

KitGuru Says: What system are you running? Do you plan to upgrade in the coming months?

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  • Rev. Clint

    I just upgraded from a 4590k, 16gb ram, and a 980 ti to a Ryzen 5 1600, 16gb ram, and 980 ti.

  • Nikolas Karampelas

    I haven’t seen this popping up in my steam for years, how do they get the data? Last time it popped I wasn’t even in my gaming rig so it logged my macbook 6.1…

  • Βαγγέλης

    I upgraded 5 months earlier from 4670K and 16GB 1866Cl10 RAM to 7700K and 16GB 2400CL15 due to ryzen’s instability with RAM. It was somewhat like a dream for be to operate an i7 on my pc. If a make a new pc today I will surely buy a Ryzen 7 1700X CPU as they seem very powerful and legit on what they say they give and what they really give. My biggest fear was A Bulldozer phenomenon with 4 “broken” cores. AMD seems like it gives real cores and real HT(or SMT is you like).

  • Lelisevis

    In the last month I went from a 290X to GTX1080 and changed my boot drive to a 512gb Samsung 960PRO NVME.

  • topdown

    Steam surveys are based on a ‘sample’ of the population. Kind of like Polls. I put little stock in them and so should you.

  • Nikolas Karampelas

    really? I though since it is a survey through the platform of steam they gather all the available data and report on them, because it is a more automated thing than having people calling on phone (where they are obvious limitations)

  • It is not phone calling. It randomly selects accounts and then gives the user a pop-up Steam window asking them to opt in. I have seen it a few times in the last year but don’t see it most months.

  • Nikolas Karampelas

    So it seems that all the past times I have registered the macbook in the survey 🙁 I don’t even like intel and nvidia 😛