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Cyberpower PC Hyper Liquid Threadripper RTX System Review

Overall I was left really impressed by the CyberPower PC Hyper Liquid Threadripper RTX system. Testing results verify the high levels of performance – the Hyper Liquid Threadripper RTX system really does dominate in both CPU and GPU intensive tasks.

Considering the 2080 TI is top tier, it delivered a class leading gaming experience and for those looking for a good 4K gaming experience, with all the settings cranked, it is clearly the go-to choice. Equally, if you are looking to game at a lower resolution with higher refresh rates you would definitely be making full use of a 144Hz option, tweaking settings to get the best results.

The AMD Threadripper 2950X is a processing powerhouse and it is really hard to deny it’s a great option for video and 3D editing/rendering and in these instances, the 32GB of RAM also start to make a bit more sense. Great to see this has been included in the default specification.

The 16 cores 32 threads aren’t really being fully utilized when gaming, but it is clear this system is targeting the enthusiast user who wants to play games, but who also may be doing more serious duties as well – wanting workstation performance.

The Hyper Liquid Threadripper RTX system is a bit of a swiss army knife really. It covers all bases really well, but this should really be the case at £3900. It is not a cheap system and It is clear from the quality of the build a lot of time has gone into the aesthetics of the system. it is decked out with a custom loop, clean cable management and loads of configurable lighting.

The Hyper Liquid Threadripper RTX system with the specification in this review is available from Cyberpower for £3,900 inc. VAT HERE.

A number of configurations make up the Hyper Liquid II range and you can check them all out at cyberpowersystem.co.uk HERE.


  • Great performance both from the processor and graphics card.
  • Quiet operation, with only a small increase in audible noise, even at load.
  • Great looking hardline liquid cooling loop for the CPU.


  • RGB lighting is fine but it can’t be controlled through software alone.
  • It would be nice to see the GTX 2080 ti included in the watercooling loop to reduce noise and lower temperatures.

KitGuru says: At this price the Hyper Liquid Threadripper RTX is targeting a very niche audience but for the enthusiast user wanting a great looking system that can handle a myriad of duties including gaming and 3D rendering for instance, it is a great option.

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Rating: 8.0.

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