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Intel Tiger Lake-H rumoured to release in Q1 2021

Intel's Tiger Lake architecture is expected to be introduced on September 2nd. Starting with the Tiger Lake-U, this series will succeed the Ice Lake-U processors and will be the first featuring the new Xe Graphics and Willow Cove cores, but this may just be the tip of the iceberg. There's a new rumour suggesting that Intel is already working on higher-end Tiger Lake-H CPUs.

The Tiger Lake-H series could either replace the Comet Lake-H series or work as an alternative to it. As per Compal (via @momomo_us), the Tiger Lake-H should only support DDR4 memory and come with up to 8 cores, unlike the U-series which supports LPDDR5 and will be available with up to 4 cores. Compal also mentioned that the TDP design of the H-series will be 35W, which is a bit higher than the 28W TDP of the Tiger Lake-U.

If the Tiger Lake-H series releases in Q1 2021 as Compal mentioned, it will be Intel's first 10nm high-end mobile platform, rivalling the AMD Ryzen 4000 H and HS series.

Other interesting bits of information include the release of a mid-range Rocket Lake (14nm) and the launch of Jasper Lake (10nm), aimed at “low-power Chromebooks and small notebook computers”.

During this year Intel will keep its focus on 10nm products, despite the release of some 14nm processors. For 2021, Intel will then stop releasing 14nm processors and will start focusing only on 10nm products, such as Alder Lake processors and so on.

KitGuru says: What do you expect from Intel Tiger Lake-H? Will 2020 be the last year for Intel's 14nm process node?

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