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Dell Latitude 13 7370 Ultrabook Review

In terms of raw figures, the Dell Latitude 13 7370 is a mixed bag.

It has a blisteringly-fast PCIe SSD, but the Core m5-6Y57 is slow compared to even a Broadwell-U Core i3. Its integrated graphics, too, are capable only of simple web browsing and movie playback.

However, to conclude accordingly that the Latitude 7370 is not worth the money would be to misunderstand the market segment it is aimed at. The business users who would buy the Latitude are not looking for a laptop capable of playing the latest AAA games, nor are they after a device able to render complex images.


Rather, the Latitude aims to give solid all-round performance for lighter tasks, such as word processing and email, in a very attractive package – and that is where it excels.

It is incredibly well designed, with a beautifully slim carbon fibre body, measuring barely 14mm thick. The display is also stunningly sharp, while the laptop's bezel is very, very thin.

As an Ultrabook, the Latitude 7370 also crams in many of the latest features you would expect – 2 Thunderbolt Type C ports, for instance, as well as the speedy PCIe SSD. The Core m5-6Y57 is also passively cooled, which means the laptop is completely silent at all times, something which I value highly.

However, all of this does carry a hefty price tag, which is one of the few problems the Latitude 7370 has. With a base price of £1179, you pay an extra £80 to bump up the storage to a PCIe-based SSD, bringing this particular model up to a whopping £1259.

Still, if you are after the latest features in a small, lightweight and sexy laptop, the Dell Latitude 13 7370 is hard to beat. It is just this feature-set which means it carries a a high price.

You can buy one directly from Dell HERE.

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  • Very well designed.
  • Sharp, anti-glare display.
  • PCIe SSD is very fast.
  • Two Thunderbolt Type C ports.
  • Silent.


  • Expensive.
  • Gets warm in your lap.
  • Just one USB Type A port.

KitGuru says: The Latitude 13 7370 is certainly an Ultrabook worthy of the name. It has all the features you would hope to see in 2016, but this does mean it carries a lofty price tag.



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Rating: 8.0.

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