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Dell Latitude 13 7370 Ultrabook Review

Thermal dynamics

To find the Latitude 7370's idle temperature, I left Windows on the desktop for 30 minutes. The ‘load’ temperature reading comes from running Prime95.


While these figures are perfectly respectable the very slim nature of the Latitude 7370 means you quickly feel any heat if the Ultrabook is sitting on your lap. On a desk, as I would imagine it would be most of the time in a business environment, it is no problem at all – but on your lap it can get a bit toasty. In terms of the components, though, these temperatures will do them no harm whatsoever. Indeed, as the Core m5-6Y57 is passively cooled, the Latitude 7370 even has the advantage of being completely silent.

Power consumption

To get the ‘idle’ power draw for the Latitude 7370, I left Windows on the desktop for 30 minutes. The ‘load’ power draw reading comes from running Fire Strike Ultra.


These incredibly low power consumption figures are a testament to the very efficient nature of the Core m family. Power draw is certainly not something to be worrying about with the Latitude 7370.

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