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Dell Latitude 13 7370 Ultrabook Review

Cinebench R15

To get an idea of the Core m5-6Y57's performance, I first ran Cinebench R15.



While it is faster than the dual-core Celeron N3050 in the ECS LIVA X2, the Core m5-6Y57 is still someway behind even a desktop i3. Obviously you are not going to be using this laptop for rendering duties.


Moving on, then, to my Handbrake test, where I ask the CPU to encode a 1.8GB full-HD video file, outputting it to the specifications as determined by the in-built ‘iPhone preset'.


It is a similar situation here. The Latitude 7370 comes in well above the LIVA X2, but even the Broadwell-U Core i3 found in PCSpecialist's Lafite is nearly 3 minutes faster. The Core m5-6Y57 is clearly no powerhouse – but I think we already knew that.

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