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Dell Latitude 13 7370 Ultrabook Review


To test the Intel HD Graphics 515 that are integrated into the Core m5-6Y57, I first ran 3DMark Fire Strike.



While the Latitude 7370's iGPU is significantly faster, relatively speaking, than the ECS LIVA and LIVA X2, it is still very weak in comparison to a discrete GPU.

Tomb Raider

Finally, I tested Tomb Raider using the ‘low’ settings preset. Tomb Raider is not the most demanding of games at these image quality settings, so I wanted to see how the iGPU got on with it.

tomb raider


Clearly, any sort of gaming is out of the question with the Latitude 7370.

However, for general-use purposes it is more than good enough – watching movies or YouTube and the like is no problem for the integrated graphics chip. After all, this Ultrabook is not marketed towards gamers in the first place.

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