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Razer Blade Pro Review (w/ Core i7; GTX 1060)

To measure idle temperatures, a reading was taken after having Windows open on the desktop for 30 minutes. A reading under load was taken with Prime 95’s SmallFFt test running alongside 3DMark Fire Strike.

Thermals Razer Blade Pro

The Razer was virtually silent when idling and when running less intensive applications. It was reasonably quiet when gaming, too – it produced a low rumble, but that was it. When every component was stressed the noise did rise, but it was still easily manageable and still much quieter than the PC Specialist machine.

The Razer’s exterior remained reasonable cool, too, which is more than can be said for the PC Specialist – that system because very hot in certain parts.

In terms of actual figures, the Blade Pro’s peak CPU temperature of 92°C is a tad high, but that figure is still cooler than the PC Specialist. We also have to remember that these results come from the CPU being stressed at 100% for a prolonged length of time – something that isn’t too common in real-world scenarios.

Elsewhere, the GTX 1060 didn’t provide any problems with a fine peak temperature of 76°C, which was level with the Asus Scar’s GPU temperature and the PC Specialist’s GTX 1070.

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