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Dell Streak Review

Rating: 8.0.

The Apple iPhone is one of the worlds most popular portable devices, but the release of the iPad has opened up a new world of ‘big screen' interaction which is appealing to many people. The problem is, that for many the 9.7 inch screen is just too big to carry about in a coat pocket. With recent rumours of a 7 inch iPad it appears that the market might be in a receptive state of mind to purchase a smaller tablet device.

Dell have spotted this current void and have released a new handheld product to satisfy a potentially huge audience. They have named it The Streak which seems a rather unusual name to us … perhaps it likes to run naked around the house when you have your back turned?

KitGuru first saw the Dell Streak (originally named the Dell Mini 5) earlier this year and the device showed signs of promise – we noticed many people complaining that the iPad was just too bulky to haul everywhere inside a pocket. Is this the product you guys need? Read on to find out.

Above we can see the Streak beside an iPhone 3G, a Nokia E71 and a Blackberry 8520 Curve.

The asking price in the UK right now starts at £365 (pre vat and shipping). If black is too subdued for your extrovert tastes then RED is also an optional color you can choose from.

Product Dell Streak iPhone 3GS iPhone 4
Height (mm) 152.9 115 115.2
Width (mm) 79.1 62.1 58.6
Depth (mm) 9.98 12.3 9.3
Weight (g) 220 133 137
CPU QualComm Scorpion @ 1Ghz Apple/Samsung A3 @ 600mhz Apple A4 @ 800 mhz
GPU Adreno 200 Power VR SGX 535 Power VR SGX 535
NAND 16GB micro SD and 2GB integrated 16 or 32GB integrated 16gb or 32GB integrated
Camera 5MP with dual LED flash + front facing camera 3MP 5MP with LED flash + front facing camera
Screen 5″ 800×480 3.5″ 320×480 3.5″ 640×960 LED backlit LCD
Battery removable 5.661 Whr integrated 4.51 Whr integrated 5.254 Whr

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  1. that was a great review, its better than I thought 🙂

  2. This is a really nice phone – good size !

  3. Screen is good, but man that camera sucks big time. most phone cameras are crap anyway. all those megapixel ratings are meaningless.

  4. Well this is quite good, better than I expected. I mean I read the review on engadget but they are more mainstream, nice to get some technical analysis here. Seems like a solid buy. price isnt too bad either I suppose.

  5. Dell stream is lovely, my friend bought one from O2, his contract is far too much though. he is paying out the ass for it.

  6. I agree with reviewer. Android is lovely but current revision is quite slow at times.

  7. phones now as well? lol this keeps getting better. good review Zardon. not sure on the product however, it looks quite big in the first photo on page 1. still might be too much for a phone IMO.

  8. Good review. why can companies not make a unit with a good camera though, why is this so hard??

  9. I almost bought the new iphone last week, this might be better !

  10. Looks a lot better than I expected. battery life is really strong, my iphone drives me nuts, every day recharging even when I dont use the fucking thing.

  11. I hate the battery in my phone, swore id get one with good battery life next time. This however is asking for a hefty price plan, and im not paying a fortune for pay as you go for it either.

  12. So tempted to get t his on a monthly pay plan – was holding back for ipad 7 inch, but this looks amazing. I never use the camera on these anyway.

  13. I was tempted until I saw the camera quality. picture quality isnt bad but video is horrific. my old sanyo camera is better than that 🙁

  14. Damn this is really sexy, but ive no money left. I hate this site so much 🙂

  15. Like it, but not quite enough to spend 400+ on it

  16. What a really good design from Dell, I like the maps option, looks really good on such a big screen. Im tempted.

  17. Great review ! loved the testing and still some way to go before its going to compete with the iphone on performance. android is young and its shaping up well. I want o support this platform so badly. just need to work out some funds to get one like the Dell Streak

  18. This is really beautiful ! I cant believe dell made something this attractive, most of their laptops look really ugly.

  19. Hello, first time here, thank you for the excellent review. i am getting this for my boyfriend for his birthday. I hope he will love it.

  20. I only found this site last week and its my home page, please keep up all the reviews and excellent news. very good work all round.

    Dell Streak is quite nice but some way to go before they get apple sales.

  21. Really looks awesome. I hope to pick up one of these within the next couple weeks. Zardon you just affirmed my choice to pick one up. So one question….Is the home screen always landscaped then? I assume so and it’s not that big of a deal just curious.

  22. Hello, Mugen Power just released the 4800mAH Extended Battery for for Dell Streak,

    it should be last triple time with 1 charge than the stock battery!


  23. good review. i like my new streak. it’s easy to manuever and the apps are fun. it’s got great games and it helps me with my business. great unlocked cell phones. the wifi and email are great for keeping in touch with my clients. my wife and daughter love theirs for the games. keeps em quiet in the car seems some people have a problem with the size but i’m ok with it. much better than my tiny unlocked blackberry phones. anyways i got 3 and i like it. ipad was too big and my old pearl was a little ant compared to this. also got my phone unlocking and blackberry unlock codes for free! got my last couple streaks at unlockthatphone.com pretty good. 2 thumbs up on this device.

  24. Dell streak camera sucks big time. it takes scrapie pictures, music player suck too the sound not even come close to iphone 3gs. Firmware still 1.6. come on. where is the update?. Just an average phone comparing to iphone 4.