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Dell Streak Review

Now that we have a look at the bundle, the phone design and the technical capabilities of the screen we thought it would be good to study the Android interface.

As the video shows, there are plenty of ringtones installed which offer someting for everyone. Dance music, standard rings and funky instrumental ditties.

The Streak we received ships with Android 1.6 installed and an update check to Dell.com showed that no new versions were available. Dell are saying that 2.2 Froyo (not a lord of the rings character by the way) will be available by the end of the year.

Our customised Dell screen is attractively designed – US versions of this device ship with an image of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We are presented with 6 tabs top right which are main areas of the user interface for checking email, browsing the net and using the phone. These can all be further customised to suit.

The main application window is accessible by the button top left which displays a full list of icons. You can literally spend hours in here getting familar with the apps…. geak heaven! Our carrier for this device is 02 in the UK, and its AT&T in the USA.

This is a tab we can use to configure home screens and view recent applications.

If you find the interface confusing there is a help system which blurs out the background and offers menu support with pop up panels explaining all the button functionality. The notification area is very useful as the system can be configured to alert you to new text messages, emails and instant messaging alerts.

There is a fully functional Wi-Fi support with ‘aeroplane mode’ – which disables the radio frequencies and antenna systems. If you are flying in the UK it won’t matter if you disable this or not, all air stewards demand that devices are totally powered down, regardless. Quite irritating and I think its about time airlines educated their employees.

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