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Dell Streak Review

Anyone contemplating a Streak purchase will be focused on the LCD display and we have to say, we were very impressed with the overall quality. The resolution is perfectly judged for the real estate and the text is rendered in a very sharp manner – when I returned to the iphone 3G I found it looked almost like a postage stamp in comparison.

Next we want to test the brightness of the display.

For those wondering what on earth a ‘nit’ is – it is a rating for luminance, one nit is equal to one cd/m2. Luminance is measured in nits or candelas per square meter. We measure the devices with a specialised industry standard light meter gun.

While the Streak is outperformed by the Apple products in regards to white nit performance, the black levels are class leading which helps to give the unit such clarity and depth.

The Streak has a high contrast ratio display which is only outclassed by the iPhone 4.

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