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Dell Streak Review

Throughout our real world testing the Dell Streak seemed quite snappy, there were times on some webpages it would slow down for no apparant reason and it was hard to ascertain exactly what was going on. Sometimes with Flash files it was fine, and others it was almost as if there was a memory leak on some level causing performance hitching.

When we compare it directly to the Apple iPad then it does appear to be noticeably slower, although the processor in the iPad is probably the best mobile CPU on the main stream market. The iPad obviously doesn’t have to render flash files either.

The camera application was the one program that annoyed me when I was testing it – it was slow to react and it takes around 3 seconds to load, every time. Another 3 seconds pass after clicking the shutter release button before you can preview your image. In comparison, the iPhone 4 is almost instant to respond.

To give accurate and quantitive results we need to rely on various third party programs which can measure system performance.

These results actually correspond to our real world testing and how we ‘felt’ the device performed.

Again the performance of the Streak when compared to the HTC EVO 4G is a little lacking.

While these results are less than stellar we can reassure our readers that Dell are very open in their statements that Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) will be released in late 2010 which aims to bring significant improvements to the levels of performance seen above. This is a free upgrade also so no further cash will be parting hands.

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