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Dell Streak Review

The Streak ships in a black box with artistic ‘squiggles’ along the edges – its a modern design which we like, however our PR sample had a huge sticker on the front which covered the product name and imagery. We need to shoot from the rear, sorry 🙂

The Streak is encased in a protective ‘egg shell’ style surrounding which offers plenty of protection during shipping.

The box contains a plethora of items – a manual, several guides, including warranty information. a USB adapter, a charging device, and a little protective sleeve for on the move. The headphones are actually reasonable quality ‘freebies’ with various size ear buds included.

The adapter is set for european and UK plug points and the connecting USB cable plugs into the bottom of the device to charge and sync with a computer.

It is very similar to the Macintosh iPhone connector (but slightly thicker), but isn’t the same, so don’t try and fit this into your iPhone!

The rear of the unit has a little door which can be slid open to reveal the SIM card slot, expansion card slot and battery. There are two gold contacts that touch the metal battery cover, if you remove the cover then the Streak turns off. The battery needs to be removed to get access to the SIM card and microSD slots. A 16GB MicroSD ships with the unit and there 2GB of flash memory onboard for storing apps – 18GB out of the box is an impressive configuration.

The Streak ships with a 5.0 megapixel camera on the rear and we will have a look at image and video quality later.

The build quality of the Streak is excellent, I think it is one of the best looking devices I have used and over the last couple of weeks I felt reassured that the unit wasn’t going to break, even with fairly rough handling. It is thin (9.98mm) which means it doesn’t feel bulky in a pocket but isn’t that thin you are worried about it breaking under pressure. Any bigger and I think it would be unpleasant to carry around. I am a huge fan of the Apple iPad but there are sometimes I just don’t want to travel with it on short journeys due to the size.

When calling on the Streak I found that people would look over at the physical size wondering what on earth I was holding. It certainly doesn’t look like an ‘average’ smartphone. Most importantly however, talk quality is excellent and right up there with the BlackBerry phones.

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