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Dell Streak Review

The Streak ships with a 5.661 Whr (1530mAh) removable battery which is around 8% percent bigger than the iPhone 4 unit. We can categorically state that the battery performance with the Streak is fantastic and much better than we initially hoped for.

We first tested with all phones set to wi-fi enabled, but kept them in standby mode for as long as possible. The Dell Streak outperformed our Nokia E71 by 5 hours which surprised us. We didn’t get time to retest this, but it should be close to accurate, if not 100% scientific – we would need a month with every phone to narrow down any abnormalities and we just don’t have the time. The iPhones generally last between 3 and 4 days in this mode and the Curve came up last, just over 3 days in this low performance mode.

The Dell Streak again comes out top on the talk time chart, beating the iPhone 4 with improved Apple battery, its only by 6 mins, but still, very impressive.

We converted a Bluray disc of Avatar to H.264 – approximately 2.2Mbps and the unit lasted for almost 6 hours, enough for three average length movies and great for a plane. We were very impressed with the battery life of the Dell Streak, it performed much better than we had imagined.

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