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AOC AGON AG251FG 240Hz G-Sync Monitor Review

With a premium price, we expect the AG251FG not just to perform but look good too, and largely it delivers. The simple solid-metal base and stand looks smart and feels reassuringly sturdy while the matt black frame keeps the front looking tidy enough too.

However, the bezel isn’t particularly low profile and is left looking a little cluttered thanks to the slightly too prominent AGON logo and on-screen display (OSD) labels along the bottom.

Meanwhile, round the back things are a bit more garish. A large V-shaped red plastic section and prominent silver AOC logo means this display is no shrinking violet. All told, it’s well built and certainly not ugly but isn’t what we’d call out and out stylish.

It is, however, packed with features. The stand offers full adjustment, with height, pivot, rotation and tilt all available, plus the stand can be removed and a provided adapter fitted so that you can use a 100x100mm VESA mount instead.

One of our favourite features of the AG251FZ also makes its way to the AG251FG. On the right side is a flip-down hook for hanging your headphones and below this are two USB sockets and audio jacks for headphones and microphone. The whole arrangement is super convenient and useful. One of the USB sockets also offers standby power so you can charge devices when the display itself is off.

The rest of the connectivity is on the back, with two more USB 3.0 ports and power on one side (it uses an external power supply) and video and audio connections on the other.

You get one DisplayPort and one HDMI, plus there’s a microphone output that relays the audio from the microphone input on the side back down to your computer. There are no analogue audio inputs with audio instead carried over the video connections.

You do also get speakers, all 2W of them. They’re a bit shrill and not very powerful but it’s always useful to have them, just in case.

One thing you miss out on here is the wired remote control that’s included with the AG251FZ. This provides a slightly easier way of navigating the OSD settings and switching between display profiles. While it’s never nice to get less for your money, it’s far from a deal breaker as it’s the sort of thing that’s unlikely to ever get much use and it’s one more thing to clutter up your desk.

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