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Nvidia’s first Big Format Gaming Displays pushed to 2019

The PC is the best place to play games more often than not but we are left with very little in the form of large living room sized displays with true high refresh rates. Nvidia was looking to change that this year with BFGD, bringing 120Hz, G-Sync, 4K and HDR to 65-inch displays. The first Big Format Gaming Displays were originally set to launch this year but delays have officially set in.

The first Nvidia BFGD displays have already been revealed, with ASUS set to launch an ROG Swift version and other partners like Acer are also on board. At Gamescom this week, the folks at hardware.info had the chance to ask Nvidia about the BFGD launch, receiving confirmation that the first units will no longer ship in 2018. The current launch target is now Q1 2019 but that could also slip, as we saw with the first 4K/144Hz HDR monitors, which were delayed multiple times before launching earlier this year.

In terms of specs, Big Format Gaming Displays will all come with a 120Hz refresh rate, HDR, 1000-nits peak brightness, G-Sync, 4K resolution and a 65-inch Quantum Dot panel. These displays will also come with an Nvidia Shield TV unit built in.

With those specs, you would be right in assuming that these displays will be very expensive. Currently, these displays are expected to sell somewhere between €4000 and €5000. This works out at around £3,700 to £4500 in the UK but direct currency conversion is rarely the norm when products hit the UK, so expect the official prices to be a bit different.

KitGuru Says: As much as I would love to have a Big Format Gaming Display for my living room, it won’t be feasible for me at that price. This will be a very niche product but hopefully it will spur TV makers to add more gaming features in the future. Samsung is already supporting Freesync, now we just need true high refresh rates without interpolation. 

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