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BenQ BL3201PT (32 inch 4K) Monitor Review

The BenQ BL3201PT isn’t the most colour-accurate monitor on the market, nor the very best 4K display. Although the sRGB result looks impressive, nearly all monitors aimed at professional use achieve 100 per cent coverage. The NTSC and Adobe RGB results are fine, but under identical conditions, other displays deliver superior results.

Against other colour accurate displays, it’s worth considering what else the BL3201PT offers. The aforementioned EIZO ColorEdge CG277 isn’t 4K, is only 24-inches across and costs considerably more than the BL3201PT. The Asus PA279Q we mention is only 27 inch, and it’s not a 4K monitor, and Dell’s U3214Q carries a price tag that’s about double that of the B3201PT.

The B3201PT is only £700, around the same price as the Asus PA279Q. Considering the BenQ’s reasonable performance, large screen, great OSD, 4K resolution, wide range of inputs, extra features and good, if not the very best colour accuracy, you are still getting a lot for your money here.

Working with a 32-inch screen may not be for everyone. In use, the most comfortable viewing distance was about a metre away, without the user having to turn their head to see windows in the upper corners. This distance however can make it more difficult to see small text of course.

It really helps that the display can be swiveled and rotated for more comfortable use.

It’s worth considering this when opting for a larger monitor for working on. You get plenty of screen real estate, enough to have a browser, word processor and Photoshop all at a comfortable size, with a file browser, music player and instant messaging program open, still with more room to spare.

At 4K resolution, text still appears a bit too small for comfort without increasing the DPI in Windows to 150 per cent. This comes with the territory with any 4K display, and the effect is even more pronounced on smaller screens.
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  • Good range of inputs.
  • Reasonable colour accuracy, brightness and contrast.
  • Relatively affordable for the amount of features.
  • Excellent OSD and Remote Control.
  • 60hz 4K via DisplayPort 1.2.


  • Other displays achieve better NTSC and AdobeRGB coverage.
  • DVI port not too useful.

Kitguru Says: A great value 4K display, with performance that’s reasonable enough to warrant a recommendation.

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Rating: 8.0.

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