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Philips 272G5DYEB 27-inch G-Sync display review

Philips 272G box

There’s not much to say about the packaging. It’s a standard 27-inch display, so it arrives in a fairly large box, with some cross-promotional material for the Batman: Arkham Origins game.

Philips 272G Accessories

There are DisplayPort and USB uplink cables included, and as you can see, an external power adapter…

Philips 272G Power

… which takes a standard 3-pin cloverleaf cable.

Philips 272G base 1Philips 272G base 2

The base is very strong, and quite large, about 20cm across and it has the usual key locking mechanism to secure itself to the stand.

Philips 272G stand 1

Meanwhile, the stand is also quite hefty, to support the panel’s weight.

Philips 272G stand 2

With a cable management section towards the bottom.

Philips 272G front

The panel is generally quite chunky, but with a fairly solid, premium feel to it. It’s constructed with a matte plastic finish.

Philips 272G rear

And at the back it’s the same story. While it’s not the most exciting design, in no way does the 272G feel cheap.

Philips 272G pivot 1Philips 272G pivot 2

The stand supports height adjustment, tilt, rotate and pivot.

Philips 272G DisplayPort

There isn’t much underneath the display, with just a single DisplayPort input next to the power socket.

Philips 272G USBPhilips 272G Lock

There’s also a four-port USB 3 hub at the side and support for a Kensington lock as well.

Philips 272G labels

The OSD (on-screen display) is controlled with touch-sensitive buttons. Unlike on some displays, the labels are easy to see, and won’t lead to accidentally pressing the wrong one.

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