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Philips 272G5DYEB 27-inch G-Sync display review

Philips 272G OSD Crosshair

The first button enables an on-screen crosshair for help when aiming in FPS games. The second button brings up a number of styles to choose from.

Philips 272G OSD Picture

While the third button either triggers Nvidia ULMB, if G-Sync is disabled, it’s the forth button that leads you to the main options screen.

 This screen defaults to the Picture menu with a number of settings to adjust the on-screen brightness and contrast and enabled SmartResponse.

Philips 272G OSD Gamma

While in the same menu, there are five gamma presets.

Philips 272G OSD Color Temp

In the Color menu there are six colour temperature presets, ranging from 5000K to 11500K, with a default value of 6500K. You can also set the 272G to sRGB mode or create a user-defined setting.

Philips 272G OSD Language

There is a wide range of languages, but unfortunately, nothing for people who speak Klingon.

Philips 272G OSD Settings

The OSD Settings menu has the usual options to move the OSD around on the screen, adjust its position or timeout.

Philips 272G OSD Setup

The OSD Setup screen rounds off a solid but fairly simple menu system. In here you can toggle the Nvidia ULMB setting, and adjust its Pulse Width (disabled in G-Sync mode) as well as reset the settings back to their default values.

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