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Intel: We know how to produce 7nm chips

Intel Corp. will likely start making central processing units using 10nm fabrication process next year, but the company is already hard at work developing an even more advanced process technology. According to Intel, it already knows well how to produce chips at 7nm node. “After 10nm, comes 7nm [manufacturing technology] …

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Intel: We will reveal schedule for 10nm chips later this year

Intel Corp. has been particularly tight-lipped about its roadmap concerning microprocessors to be made using 10nm fabrication process. However, on Friday the company said that development of the 10nm technology is progressing well and it will share more information about products it plans to produce using the process later this year. …

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Samsung: 10nm technology in development, 7nm will require new transistors

Kinam Kim, the president of Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor business, presented his view on the development of chip manufacturing technologies at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2015 this week. Samsung is already developing its next-generation 10nm FinFET fabrication process, but in order to continue scaling down structures of chips, new materials …

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ASML readies equipment to produce 5nm chips

We do not know exactly when companies like Intel Corp., Samsung Electronics or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. make their first chips using 7nm, 5nm, 3nm or 2nm process technologies. But we do know what should happen before leading semiconductor producers manufacture their new chips using ultra-thin process technologies: ASML should sell …

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Tick Tock issues push Ivy Bridge to the end of Q2 2012

The onerous march of Intel’s roadmap is the kind of thing you can set a very slow watch by. While it might make the occasional defensive move against a launch by AMD, in general Intel is used to marching to the beat of its own, metronomic, beat. In pushing too …

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