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Tech against Trump: tech firms push back on Trump order

This past weekend saw a lot of debate and discussion following the erratic implementation of U.S. President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration executive order. However while many people talked, a number of technology firms and leading representatives of the industry took action. Some provided legal support for those affected and others pledged …

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Lockheed and Boeing to build re-usable rocket too

When a new piece of hardware is introduced to a market that shakes things up, it’s often termed disruptive. Elon Musk is himself, a disruptor of many industries, helping push the world towards electric cars, high-speed maglev hyperloop travel and indeed, cheaper and more efficient space transits. So much so …

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U.S. considering sanctioning Russia and China over hacking

The United States is said to be considering applying sanctions to both Russia and Chinese individuals and companies for conducting aggressive hacking attempts against U.S. targets, according to several unnamed U.S. officials. While no decision has been made one way or another just yet, they claim that the Obama administration …

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Obama signs order to protect America’s computer networks


In a move to help protect American online businesses and help them coordinate with US authorities, Obama has signed an executive order that will make federal agencies set up a way of sharing data between technicians in these businesses and federal agents. This information sharing will go both ways, with companies tipping …

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FCC says 25Mbps is the new minimum broadband speed

FCC BB deployment

The United States Federal Communications Commission has today passed a vote to redefine the minimum broadband download speed to 25 Mbps, and the minimum upload speed to 3 Mbps. The previous 4 Mbps/1 Mbps standard set in 2010, was declared outdated and was in the view of the commission “failing to keep pace …

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Obama still wants access to all the world’s data

Despite the drumming that trust in government spy agencies has taken over the past year thanks to Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA and GCHQ data collection and retention schemes, US president Obama’s administration is still pushing its luck with the kind of data it’s allowed to collect. In its …

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