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Apple protected by Judge in separate phone cracking case

A judge has ruled that the American government is not legally entitled to force Apple to unlock an iPhone in a drug case, currently taking place in New York. Although entirely unrelated to the ongoing FBI demands of Apple with regards to the San Bernardino attacker's phone, this case is …

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Obama government no longer going after personal encrypted data

One of the more obvious disagreements between politicians and security services, and technology leaders and journalists in recent years, has been the topic of encryption. Law makers and law enforcement have painted it as a dangerous weapon of terrorists and paedophiles, whilst many others consider it an important tool to avoid …

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50,000 websites vulnerable thanks to shoddy WordPress plugin

Around 50,000 websites are currently vulnerable to malware and backdoor access thanks to a security hole found in a Word Press plugin, according to researcher, Daniel Cid. Security firm, Sucuri, says that new malware can infect any site that resides on the same server as a hacked Word Press site. The flawed plugin …

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Dell apologises for leaving NSA backdoors in hardware

Earlier this week at the 30th annual Chaos Communication Congress, Dell, among other US based tech firms, was accused of leaving deliberate backdoors in its software and hardware, to make it easier for the NSA to install malware and viruses on the machines and gain access to the information stored …

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