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AMD: Chips for tablets are not our priority

Although Advanced Micro Devices has developed several generations of chips for tablet PCs, it has not shipped a lot of them because makers of tablets were not too interested in making slates based on x86 processors and Microsoft Windows operating system. As a result, AMD now believes that chips for tablets are …

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AMD to increase energy efficiency of APUs by 25 times by 2020

Advanced Micro Devices on Thursday unveiled a rather bold strategy called 25X20 under which it intends to dramatically increase energy efficiency of its accelerated processing units by the year 2020. In the next six years AMD plans to further optimize power consumption of its chips and also increase their performance, …

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AMD debuts embedded ‘Bald Eagle’ APUs, CPUs with HSA capabilities

Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday introduced its new family of embedded accelerated processing units (APUs) and central processing units (CPUs) with heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) capabilities. The new chips code-named “Bald Eagle” are based on the design known as “Kaveri”, which is already available for desktops. The fresh family of …

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AMD unveils new roadmap, plans to offer pin-compatible x86 and ARM chips

Advanced Micro Devices on Monday announced details concerning its longer-term roadmap. The firm disclosed plans to develop its own ARMv8 core implementations as well as pin-compatible microprocessors and accelerated processing units based on ARM and x86 architecture. But while the company unveiled a clear and logical strategy regarding low-power and …

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AMD expects new low-power APUs to outshine Intel’s Atom

Advanced Micro Devices is confident that its upcoming microprocessors code-named “Beema” and “Mullins” designed for low-power laptops and tablets, respectively, will outperform Intel Corp.’s existing Atom system-on-chips that belong to the code-named “Bay Trail” platform. AMD claims that its upcoming “Beema” and “Mullins” accelerated processing units for various low-power devices …

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AMD’s Mobility line to bridge tablet and laptop gap

AMD has announced a new initiative to bridge the gap between the traditional high powered, productivity focused “old Windows ecosystem,” and the high end displays and thin, light and easy to use Android/iOS ecoysystem, powered by a new line of AMD APUs set to be released over the next 12 …

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