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Even Pornhub is launching its own helper chatbot


If it seems like every online entity is looking to employ digital assistants to help improve their customer’s experience, that’s because they are. Everyone from Twitch, to Facebook are now looking to algorithms to help them out and it turns out pornography streaming site, Pornhub, is no different. It’s just …

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Refugee Text wants to help make seeking asylum easier


As much as immigrants and refugees are a sensitive, emotive political topic, it’s easy to agree that actually being one of those people fleeing a war torn country must be pretty terrifying. With that in mind, Refugee Text wants to use the power of automated chat bots to help those …

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Chatbot lawyer could help homeless next


The Do Not Pay bot is being reconfigured and reborn as a new friend of the homeless. The legal aide could help those currently without a home apply for emergency accommodation with their local council and may even put them in touch with relevant charities in the future. Do Not Pay …

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Facebook set to recruit army of chat bots for customer service

As much as companies have made great strides in improving customer service over the past few years, offering social media responses, live-chats on websites and more localised call centres, they’re still far from perfect. To help improve that, Facebook is looking to recruit chat bots to answer more people’s questions, …

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