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New PS4 slim model confirmed real in new video


Over the weekend, a mysterious PlayStation 4 Slim appeared in a couple of sale listings on Gumtree here in the UK. This caught quite a bit of attention as while we have heard a lot about the PS4 Neo, there had been no rumours surrounding an additional PS4 Slim. It …

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ASRock has also outed Intel’s 10-core 6950x Extreme Edition CPU

It looks like we are gearing up to the official announcement of Intel’s Broadwell-E series of processors as motherboard maker ASRock has confirmed the new series of chips, including the 10-core 6950x Extreme Edition CPU. We have seen some leaks here and there over the last few months, with Broadwell-E …

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Pepsi is making a line of smartphones

There are tons of companies out there that have attempted to jump in to the smartphone market, we’ve had Amazon try it, we’ve had Facebook try it and now Pepsi is making its own line of Android smartphones. Yes its own line… as in more than one. The Pepsi-made smartphone …

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