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The FTC is cracking down on Kickstarter scams

While crowd funding has done a fair amount of good for projects looking to get off the ground in recent years, we have also seen backers burned on several occasions by trusting scammers. In the past, we've seen several Kickstarter creators go back on promises and rip backers off all …

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Apple clamping down on new app refund policy

Apple is clamping down on its own app refund policy, which it put in to effect a couple of weeks back. The returns policy enabled iTunes users to get their money back on digitally purchased apps within 14 days, although Apple reserved the right to refuse refunds if an app …

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iTunes now offers refunds in Europe

Apple has changed the iTunes refund policy making it so that Europeans can return almost any digital item bought from the store within two weeks of purchase. However, as you would expect, there are some caveats in place to avoid abuse of the system. If you open an app, or …

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