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UK VPN usage explodes as Digital Economy Bill progresses


The use of virtual private networks (VPNs) has increased dramatically in the UK as the controversial Digital Economy Bill and Investigatory Powers Bill have progressed through parliament. In the case of some VPNs, UK customers have more than doubled, with many concerned for their privacy and access to content. The …

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UK law could soon ban ‘non-conventional porn’ online


Do you partake in pornography that is considered “non-conventional?” Who knows right? That's a pretty vague term, but it's the exact wording of the currently under-debate, Digital Economy Bill, which is being pushed through parliament. If enacted, it could force ISPs to put blocks in place for any sites that …

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Open Rights Groups slams porn censorship proposal


Digital advocacy organisation, the Open Rights Group, has lambasted a number of politicians for making a proposed amendment to the Digital Economy Bill, which would make it perfectly legal to block porn sites which don't add effective age registration. On top of labelling the idea censorship, the ORG criticised the …

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UK politicians want to fine search engines for piracy


A number of British politicians have made it clear they want search engines to do more to help tackle piracy. One proposed solution suggested that if those search firms don't come to a voluntary agreement with copyright holders, that the government could step in and fine them. One of the …

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