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Mass Effect: Andromeda Senior Editor leaves Bioware

Bioware has been losing quite a few staff members linked to Mass Effect: Andromeda recently. Over the last couple of months, the game has lost its development director, its lead writer and now, Bioware’s senior editor is leaving the studio and exiting the games industry entirely. While we don’t know …

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Spielberg set to direct Ready Player One movie

Many people have said over the years that due to its endless references, there was no way you could make a movie that does justice to Ernest Cline’s, Ready Player One. However despite that hurdle, Warner Bros, which has owned the rights to the film before the book was even released, …

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Kim Dotcom resigns as MEGA director

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom and owner of the phoenix like, MEGA, the spiritual successor to Megaupload, has announced that he is stepping down as the company’s director, in order to focus more on his impending extradition trial, which could potentially see him booted out of New Zealand and sent to …

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AMD reshuffles EMEA looking for winning hand

Rumours off the grapevine this morning indicate a big set of changes down at AMD, with the new Chief Sales Officer determined to put the company on the right track in the face of the toughest market conditions the chip specialists have ever faced. KitGuru stands around the mini-kitchenette and …

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New Intel Core i3 chips set to hit stores

While the Sandy Bridge/Cougar Point affair is still very much in the public domain, Intel is pushing ahead with its launch schedule unhindered. We’re presently hearing that the launch for the new chips will be on a Sunday. Strange timing. KitGuru gives the specs a once over. Searching Google for …

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