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Google car rebranded as Waymo, still very much alive


Google's car project is not being scaled back as was rumored, but has instead been rebranded as Waymo and will now operate under the Alphabet brand, much like many other Google projects which aren't search or advertising related. Doubling down on its efforts, Waymo will soon be adding a further …

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China is gunning hard for driverless cars too

We've heard a lot about western companies like Google, Tesla and various traditional manufacturers working on autonomous vehicle technology, but China is making a big play for it too. Along with Baidu, many Chinese firms have been working on developing self-piloting vehicles, many of which showed off their latest efforts …

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Self-driving taxis will begin trials in Japan next year

While Google has made excellent progress with its self-driving car over the last few years, it seems that Japan is swiftly catching up, as trials of the ‘Robot Taxi' are set to begin in the country next year. These will be entirely automatic, self-driving taxis, picking customers up and driving …

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Google explains why it abandoned the steering wheel

The head of Google's X division has explained why the company chose to abandon the steering wheel in its self-driving cars, claiming that humans are “not a reliable backup”, particularly in emergency situations, during a talk at SXSW this week. Astro Teller said that during the company's tests, they found …

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Driverless cars to arrive in four UK cities next month

Four UK cities have been chosen to begin testing driverless cars starting in January 2015 thanks to a £10 million funding donation from Innovate UK. These trials will begin in just a few weeks time, taking place in Milton Keynes, Bristol, Coventry and Greenwich. These trials will last 18 to …

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UK could lead the way on driverless cars

We're on the cusp of fully automated vehicles, with manufacturers pushing ever more advanced features like lane-assist and automatic braking and Google showing off fully working, entirely autonomous prototypes to the world, but there's one thing holding them back from the next stage of adoption: legislation. While the US has …

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MoneySuperMarket talks driverless cars in new infographic

MoneySuperMarket has launched a new infographic breaking down how autonomous vehicles, that is, cars that drive themselves, are developing and when exactly they'll be hitting the marketplace. There's hot competition, with big car companies racing to beat Google to launch, who will be the first? As it stands, Mercedes will …

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