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Germany busts major darknet drug seller

German police have scooped up five men said to be responsible for the darknet drug seller, Chemical Love. Caught with upwards of 60kg of various illegal substances, the group are said to have completed sales of more than 1.3 million euros from 1,500 transactions, making this the biggest online drug seller …

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Ex BitInstant CEO pleads guilty to unlicensed money transfer

The one time CEO of Bitcoin exchange company BitInstant and (now ex) member of the Bitcoin Foundation, Charlie Shrem, has pleaded guilty to US charges of unlicensed money transfers, after it was alleged that he had attempted to sell over a million dollars worth of bitcoin to the original Silkroad …

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Dutch police down drug marketplace Utopia

When the US authorities used good old fashioned police work to take down the original Silk Road last year and arrest its alleged owner, Ross Ulbricht, it seemed like they’d dealt a serious blow to the online trading community, but it didn’t last long. Within days alternatives had appeared and …

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Black Market Reloaded downtime was just a hiccup afterall

Yesterday it looked like online drug dealing had been dealt another blow, as one of Silk Road’s replacements, Black Market Reloaded, was taken down after a third party server vendor outed the site’s source code, potentially giving the site’s owner, Backopy, a real security problem. However, less than 24 hours …

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Kids drug parents to access internet

Child therapists say that rebellion is a healthy and natural part of growing up, but just how far is healthy and when would rebellion become a problem? KitGuru ponders the nature of ‘too far’ while researching the actions of a 16-year old girl in the USA, who tried to bypass an internet …

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