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Gearbox is re-releasing Duke Nukem 3D

Update: The countdown is over and Gearbox has officially lifted the lid on the Duke Nukem announcement it has been teasing all week. As predicted, in order to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary, Duke Nukem 3D is getting a re-release. It was previously speculated that we may see the game …

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Unreleased Duke Nukem PSP game discovered

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass was originally created for the Nintendo DS but it turns out that a very different Playstation Portable version was made but never saw a commercial release. The discovery was made by Dave Gibson, an employee at the Library of Congress. Gibson stumbled across the unreleased game …

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3D Realms contests Gearbox Duke Nukem ownership

Hoping there’s a bit more blood in that gum chewing stone, 3D Realms is contesting the idea that Gearbox, when swooping in and ‘saving’ development of Duke Nukem Forever, acquired the rights to the name and franchise. That means as well, that it plans to continue developing Duke Nukem Survivor …

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eVGA to sell Duke Nukem GTX560 bundle

eVGA are selling a GTX 560 graphics card with a ton of Duke Nukem goodies as part of the deal. The card is a ‘limited edition’ model with the full Duke Nukem Forever game. They are also throwing in a Duke Nukem art book, radioactive belt buckle and Limited Edition …

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