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Piracy-enabled streaming boxes are deemed hazardous

It seems that breaking the law isn’t the only way you can get burned by investing in piracy-enabled streaming boxes. A new study has unsurprisingly found that such devices present fire and electrical safety concerns as well as insufficient instructions of use, installation and maintenance. The results of this study …

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FACT awards pirate-busting movie ushers with £500


The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) might have lost half of its funding just a few months ago, but that hasn’t stopped it continuing its crusade against pirates. In its latest move, it’s given 17 different pirate-catching cinema ushers £500 cheques, a certificate and a special ceremony to thank them …

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FACT UK anti-piracy group loses major hollywood funding

The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), a British run organisation that lobbies and sues to combat piracy, has been dealt a major blow by its biggest contributor. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has cut its funding to the group, reducing its financial support by as much as 50 …

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BBC DMCA notice demands Top Gear IMDB take down

The BBC appears to have fallen foul of the drag-net effects of automated DMCA takedown tools, as in an effort to curb piracy of the on-hiatus motoring show, Top Gear, it’s demanded that the show’s own IMDB page be removed, along with other bizarre URL’s like the DailyMotion home page. …

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UK police arrest man for running a proxy server

The UK Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has made its first arrest under the new ‘Operation Creative’ initiative to fight piracy on behalf of the entertainment industry. A 20 year old man from Nottinghamshire has was arrested on suspicion of copyright infringement for hosting a proxy server, which allowed access …

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Is piracy policing contributing to drop in media sales?

Earlier today we looked at a press releases from PIPCU, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), which jointly announced that they’d been responsible for shutting down thousands of pirated sites, blocking others and even bringing criminal charges to bear against some of those …

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FACT is blackmailing a Dutch ISP with money laundering

British arm of the Motion Picture Association of America, FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft), has taken a step beyond lobbying to have sites blocked and sending out legal threats to consumers, now it’s trying to blackmail a Dutch ISP into shutting down a torrent website by threatening it with a …

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UKNova to shut due to FACT attack


One of the world’s most strictly regulated and ethically proud torrent websites, UKNova,  has been forced to announce its imminent closure, after FACT – the UK arm of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) – serviced it with a cease and desist order. Despite full compliance from UKNova regarding …

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