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FBI lets Clinton off in email investigation… again


Never fear guys, we're almost there. Just a few more days and U.S. election coverage can rest easy for another 2.5 years or so. Still, the lead up to this one has been quite unbelievable in many ways, like how the FBI investigated candidate Hilary Clinton's email server, not once, …

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Guccifer hacker sentenced to 4+ years in jail


The Romanian hacker known as Guccifer, has been sentenced to a total of 52 months in jail by a U.S. court, after extradition to the country earlier this year. He plead guilty to several charges relating to hacking various high-profile members of the U.S. political system and has now been …

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Facebook auto-blocked Wikileaks links, claims ‘accident’

Facebook has been accused of deliberately blocking links to Wikileaks after it revealed secretive collusion between U.S. democratic presidential hopeful, Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party. This lead many users to accuse the social network of censorship, though Facebook has now claimed it was an accident. Although the general election is still months …

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Hacker teases Wikileaks document dump from U.S. Democratic party

A lone hacker has come forward and claimed responsibility for the hack of the U.S. Democratic party servers, something that digital security firm Crowdstrike claimed was the result of Russian state sponsored hackers. The lone hacker claims to have everything from financial data on donations, to a report on Donald Trump. Earlier …

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Hillary Clinton’s emails are now searchable by all

For someone who has been quite vocal about wanting the U.S. to have the ability to break encryption, democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, made quite an effort to hide her work-related emails on a private server. That server has now been opened up though, and as the State department wades …

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Hilary Clinton agrees to hand over private email server to FBI

Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton has been under fire from government agencies and the public, for her use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state to the Obama administration. Since official emails are technically the property of government, the lack of oversight and the potential for …

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Kim Dotcom to bring his politics to USA

Not perturbed by the fact that his Internet MANA party efforts in New Zealand failed to earn a seat in Parliament during the last general election, internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has announced his intention to bring the organisation to America, with plans to launch the Internet Party USA in 2015. …

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