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Pirate Party secures third place in Iceland elections


Although there was much speculation that suggested the Icelandic Pirate Party had the momentum to come first in the recent general elections there, it only managed third place in the end. Still, that represents a huge upswing in its popularity over the previous election and gives it a chance that …

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What will happen if the Pirate Party wins power in Iceland?


As much as the various Pirate Party political groups that exist around Europe might seem like protest-vote, or single issue parties, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact in Iceland, the Pirate Party stands a solid chance of winning the general election at the end of October. So what happens …

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Pirate Party Iceland support holds strong in election lead up

Just a few months after noting how well the Pirate Party was polling in Iceland, it’s really looking like we may close out the year with the first Pirate majority government. Following the recent resignation of the Icelandic Prime Minister, the Pirate Party continues to poll well, with now more than …

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Pirate Party could take control of Iceland following Panama leak

Update: The Icelandic Prime Minister, Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, has now officially announced his resignation. His deputy will continue on his stead until a new leader can be chosen. The Panama Papers leak which has painted targets on the backs of many of the world’s leading politicians with suggestions of corruption and …

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Pirate Party proves most popular in Icelandic polls

The Pirate Party may not have huge success in every country it operates, but the Icelandic branch is making great strides. Although the next parliamentary election isn’t set to take place until 2017, the Pirate Party is currently polling with 38 per cent of the vote, putting it more than …

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Pirate Party storms to success in Icelandic polls

It looks like the Pirate Party may be set to take more than a few seats in the Icelandic parliament when the next general election rolls around, as it has surged to the head of the most recent polls in the country, securing some 34.2 per cent of all voter …

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AMD preps two new GPUs made using 28nm HPM process technology

Although Advanced Micro Devices said earlier this year that it would use 20nm process technology from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. for its future chips, it looks like the company readies two new graphics processing units (GPUs) that will be made using TSMC’s 28nm HPM [high-performance mobile] process technology. Synapse Design, …

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Pirate Party Iceland gains parliamentary seat

Following on from the announcement that the Pirate Bay would now be hosted on the small island nation of Iceland, the local Pirate Party there has now managed to surpass the five per cent of the vote needed in a general election, in order to garner a seat in parliament, …

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