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Prices of DDR3 and DDR4 continue to drop, set to decline further

Contract prices of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) modules dropped in August and September, despite peak season and anticipated stock-up demand on China, according to DRAMeXchange. Analysts believe that the launch of Microsoft Windows 10 this summer did not catalyse rise of demand, whereas the free Windows 10 upgrade program …

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Samsung putting pressure on DRAM prices – analyst

Some market observers believe that prices of dynamic random access memory are about to increase, which will significantly improve profitability of DRAM producers. While this is essentially correct, there are reports that Samsung Electronics is dropping prices of memory in a bid to boost revenues, which could hurt other manufacturers’ …

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DRAM will remain in short supply this year – analyst

Even though Samsung Electronics plans to increase its manufacturing capacities for dynamic random access memory later this year, analysts believe that this will not create an oversupply on the DRAM market. The reasons for that are transitions to bigger memory dies as well as growing demand for higher memory capacities …

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Samsung integrates LPDDR3 and NAND flash into one chip

Samsung Electronics on Wednesday introduced the industry’s first memory solution that integrates dynamic random access memory (DRAM) and NAND flash into one package. The new package will help Samsung and its customers to make smartphones thinner and more cost efficient. The new ePoP (embedded package on package) memory package consists …

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Intel begins to sample Skylake microprocessors

Intel Corp. has quietly started to sample its next-generation code-named “Skylake” microprocessors. Availability of samples of upcoming chips means that the company should be on-track with its second-generation offerings made using 14nm process technology and products on their base will arrive on time. According to Zauba.com database, which monitors imports …

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