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Seagate: We will refresh entire HDD and SSD lineup this year

Seagate Technology, one of the top makers of hard disk drives, said this week that it would introduce an unprecedented amount of new products this calendar year. The company’s management naturally did not provide any details, but expect the manufacturer to release better solid-state drives as well as higher capacity hard …

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Seagate closes acquisition of SSD controller businesses from Avago

Seagate Technology on Tuesday said it has completed its acquisition of the assets of LSI’s accelerated solutions division (ASD) and flash components division (FCD) from Avago Technologies. The closing of the takeover transforms Seagate into a leading developer of controllers for solid-state drives for various applications. The hard disk drive …

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Micron and SK Hynix interested in Taiwanese SSD controllers

The consolidation on the market of solid-state drives is in full swing right now. Just recently Seagate agreed to acquire LSI SandForce and LSI Nytro divisions from Avago, whereas yesterday SanDisk announced its takeover of Fusion-io. It is not surprising that large makers of SSDs and NAND flash memory are …

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OCZ unveils workstation/enthusiast PCIe SSD with 1.8GB/s performance

OCZ Storage Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corp., on Thursday introduced a new RevoDrive 350 solid-state drive with PCI Express interface that is designed for workstations and enthusiast-class personal computers. The new SSDs feature incredible performance previously obtainable only from enterprise-class drives. OCZ RevoDrive 350 is powered by four …

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Intel reveals 730-series ‘factory overclocked’ SSDs

Intel Corp. on Thursday unveiled its new lineup of high-end solid-state drives (SSDs) aimed at performance-demanding users. The new Intel 730-series SSDs are the first drives featuring controller and NAND components binned and qualified for higher clock-rates, yet, the manufacturer claims ultimate reliability of the drives. Intel solid-state drives 730-series …

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ASRock Z87 Extreme11/ac Motherboard Review

The 4770K offers quite possibly the highest per-clock performance numbers of any consumer-grade processor currently on the market. It’s just that fact which makes Haswell’s multiplier-unlocked Core i7 a plausible option for workstation applications. And with that possible usage scenario comes the requirement for workstation-grade LGA 1150 motherboards. Is ASRock’s …

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