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Ubisoft’s upcoming Avatar and Star Wars titles will likely include microtransactions

Ubisoft has been putting microtransactions into its large single-player titles for years now, often selling batches of premium currency that can be used to obtain in-game resources to accelerate your progress. In unsurprising news, Ubisoft plans to continue monetising its single-player games, including major licensed titles like Avatar: Frontiers of …

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Ex BioWare dev discusses EA’s “pivot” on microtransactions

It’s no secret that EA is pushing microtransactions a lot harder in recent years, with concern particularly surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s loot crate system. Ex BioWare veteran Manveer Heir recently opened up about his experience working with EA, shedding light on the company’s latest approach to post-game monetisation. Just …

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More YouTubers are getting silently dropped from monetisation

Since Google's acquisition of it back in 2006, Youtube has always been a bit of an opaque organisation. Getting through to support has never been easy and often changes are made without much consultation with the content creators. Lately that lack of transparency is causing real problems for some video …

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