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Pirate Party secures third place in Iceland elections


Although there was much speculation that suggested the Icelandic Pirate Party had the momentum to come first in the recent general elections there, it only managed third place in the end. Still, that represents a huge upswing in its popularity over the previous election and gives it a chance that …

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UK politicians want to fine search engines for piracy


A number of British politicians have made it clear they want search engines to do more to help tackle piracy. One proposed solution suggested that if those search firms don't come to a voluntary agreement with copyright holders, that the government could step in and fine them. One of the …

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Pirate Party proves most popular in Icelandic polls

The Pirate Party may not have huge success in every country it operates, but the Icelandic branch is making great strides. Although the next parliamentary election isn't set to take place until 2017, the Pirate Party is currently polling with 38 per cent of the vote, putting it more than …

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The EU will end data roaming charges in 2017

The European Parliament has passed a law today that will put a stop to mobile roaming data fees by June 2017. This law was passed as part of a larger legislation, which also wanted to strengthen Net Neutrality laws but unfortunately was left with some major problems that could allow …

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China’s new digital security laws could increase censorship

A new draft law being considered by Chinese parliament could increase the censorship of its internet even more, making information harder for average citizens – without the knowledge of proxies – to access. It's raising concerns among international businesses operating in the region too, as they would need to comply …

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Snooper’s Charter dropped from counter-terrorism bill

Just last week we learned that within a couple of days time, a group of lords would attempt to pass through the counter-terrorism bill with added measures from the much decried “Snooper's Charter,” which would have forced ISPs to retain details of their customers, for up to a year. These …

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Authors call for copyright talks in school assemblies

Clearly suing downloaders and pirates doesn't work. That's obvious at this point, so some creative types have come up with a new idea: educate children about copyright while still in school. According to a bunch of authors that took to parliament yesterday to put forward some new ideas on combating …

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EU defends net neutrality and kills off roaming charges

Hot off the back of helping to improve the privacy of European citizens, the EU parliament has just voted in favour of improving net neutrality across the entire region too, making it much harder for internet providers to throttle or block services from competitors. It's also called for an end …

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System builders take a beating from hung parliament

While interesting for the world as a whole, the UK's complete lack of decision when it comes to selecting a government is going to have a potentially disasterous impact on the system builder market. Already working off low margins, the currency market's response to a hung parliament has seen a …

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