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Ford plans to release car without steering wheel by 2021


Although current legislation still mandates that all vehicles must have some form of manual control, Ford is planning to mass produce a car without a steering wheel or pedals by the time 2021 rolls around. This is an accelerated development, considering fully autonomous cars have often been slated to arrive …

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Apple wants its electric car to be ready by 2019

Apparently Apple is ramping up its efforts to create its own electric car. The company has been rumoured to be working on its own car for a while now and the latest stirrings seem to point towards Apple dedicating employees and resources to the project in order to have it …

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Daimler to test self-driving lorries on Nevada roads

There’s a lot of R&D going into driverless vehicles right now, with the likes of Google, Baidu and many more traditional auto-makers all pushing to become the first to offer a truly driverless experience on the roads. As much as they’re pushing for cars though, others believe the first self-piloted …

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