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Snapchat daily video views reach six billion

Snapchat is one of the biggest social communication platforms of the past few years and is still growing at an unprecedented rate. As of right now, its users are sending videos that between them all are watched more than six billion times per day. While these numbers haven't been officially …

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The Pirate Bay’s Facebook page disappears

First the Pirate Bay website itself went down and all its proxies and mirrors with it and now it looks like the torrent site's official Facebook has been deleted too. It's not clear at this time whether the admins of the site wilfully pulled it offline or if it was …

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Sony developing social games for Project Morpheus

Sony has been working on its virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus, for a while now but as we inch closer to consumer grade VR one thing is becoming more increasingly important to the likes of Oculus and Sony, headset users are going to need some social experiences. Virtual Reality may seem …

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Sony i1 has integrated Facebook social casting

Looking at people while you talk to them is a dubious pleasure. A quick straw poll around the various KitGuru offices reveals that many of us have had video call capability built into our phones for a long while – but never really use it. Then along came Apple. And …

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Google+ takes second place in social network race


While Facebook is still far and beyond the world's most used social website, Google's own + service has now taken the second place medal, beating out both Youtube and Twitter by a few per cent of the world's population. According to new data from GlobalWebIndex, Facebook currently has over 50 …

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