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1984 eat your heart out: China has gamified government loyalty

Ah China, such a wonderfully helpful tool in discussing impeaches of privacy and personal liberty. It’s like the ball pit at the bottom of the slippery slope. The government there has created a tool that uses data collected from retailers, social networks and messaging applications, to rate a web user’s …

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Here’s what goes bump in the dark in SOMA

SOMA is another atmospheric horror title from the maker of Amnesia Dark Descent, Frictional Games. It’s been described as not quite as pure horror as its earlier work, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t scary or dangerous deep under the sea. In-fact there are lots of monsters and creatures that …

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Here’s how sound will scare you in SOMA

When it comes to creating a fearful atmosphere, one that makes your bones shudder and your hairs stand on end, sound can be your greatest ally. A whisper of wind at the right time, a mocking, maniacal laugh – they can set the mood and make a player doubt their …

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Frictional debuts another SOMA trailer

Frictional Games, the developer behind the terrifying first person Amnesia and Penumbra series, has released a new in-game trailer for its next project, SOMA, which shows us its deeply creepy atmosphere, as well as a detailed break down of what the team is focusing on during development. nora ephron essays …

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Frictional on Machine for Pigs, SOMA and the future

Frictional Games was one of the break out indie stars a few years back, developing its own engine around the Penumbra universe and spearheading the helpless, horror driven story telling that has now become much more common place. So much so in-fact, that Red Barrels released Outlast almost alongside the …

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Frictional debuts SOMA trailer

We talked about the creepy goings on of the guys over at Frictional this morning, where they’ve been releasing strange ARG like videos related to an upcoming game from the Amnesia developer. Finally today, the big growing per centage gauge on the game’s site has reached its limit and now …

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