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Computex 2018: Leo and Briony talk best new products, nothing from Nvidia – and plenty of RGB!

KitGuru reviewers Leo Waldock and Briony Hannam have been up and down Taipei all week, covering pretty much everything there has been to see at Computex 2018. With the show now drawing to a close, the two got together to discuss their favourite products of the week, the noticeable lack of anything new from Nvidia, and the sheer amount of RGB lighting.

Watch via Vimeo (below) or over on YouTube HERE.

As per the video discussion, it is safe to say Leo loves the look of the new Phanteks Evolv X – let us know if you’d like to see a review of that case, and perhaps Leo might even do a full-on custom loop with it. Briony was also very taken with the new Cooler Master MK850 mechanical keyboard, though at $229 it is certainly not cheap! An honourable mention goes to the MSI headset stand that features both a Qi charging pad and a holographic display.

While we didn’t see anything new from Nvidia – the wait for next gen consumer graphics cards continues – Leo and Briony also discuss upcoming Threadripper 2 CPUs – including the 32-core monster – as well as the news that Intel will be launching 28-core chips as well.

Lastly, the two also touch on the inescapable amount of RGB lighting at the show, as well as the need for a single RGB standard to tie everything together.

KitGuru says: We hope you have enjoyed our Computex 2018 coverage – it has certainly been hard work! If you have a favourite product from the show, or want to see us review something, do let us know.

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