QNAP TS-231P 2-Bay NAS Review
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Designed as an affordable and powerful NAS, the 2-bay TS-231P is the mid-range model of QNAP’s latest family of NAS drives aimed at SOHO/Home use, the TS-x31P series. It’s sandwiched between the single bay TS-131P and the flagship 4-bay TS-431P.


All three models in the range are powered by an AnnapurnaLabsĀ Alpine AL-212, 1.7GHz dual cored CPU backed by 1GHz of DDR3 memory which is soldered to the motherboard so can’t be upgraded.

QNAP quote throughput figures for the TS-231P of 224MB/s for reads and 176MB/s for writes but, this was achieved with both LAN ports in link aggregation mode.

AnnapurnaLabs Alpine AL-212 CPU
Dual LAN ports
1GB DDR3 memory
2-year warranty.

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