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US government potentially has social network spy tools


In a report that shows the capabilities of a piece of social networking snooping technology, developed by Raytheon, a US defence contractor, it has emerged that the tool, while not sold to any foreign parties, was shared with the US government in 2010. This means that the technology, dubbed ironically …

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Symantec and Microsoft shutdown search fraud botnet


A botnet that hijacked the clicks and search results of millions of net users has been shut down by Microsoft and Symantec. Apparently the group responsible was netting over a million dollars a year through advertising revenue, generated by the misappropriated traffic. In order to achieve the shut down, the Microsoft Symantec …

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PandaLabs claims a third of world’s computers are infected


Anti-malware firm PandaLabs, has released new information from its 2012 security report, which suggests that just under a third of the world’s computers are infected with some sort of malware. It’s also been reported that there are 27 million new strains of infective software out there that weren’t present before …

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New Android Malware infects smartphone and uses PC to spy

New Android malware called Droidcleaner has been causing problems for many people, infecting smartphones and using a PC to spy on the end user. Researchers at Kaspersky Labs have uncovered the new malware which poses as a ‘cleaner’ style application, and one that can ‘free used’ memory on devices. It …

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Twitter admit 250,000 users have passwords stolen

Twitter have admitted that 250,000 users have had their passwords and email addresses stolen by hackers. This breach is one of the biggest ever recorded by Twitter, they may have over 200 million users, but a quarter of a million people have had their accounts compromised. Twitter have said they …

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Russian digital security leak has been ongoing for years


Russian researchers have discovered a piece of malware that is believed to have been consistently leaking confidential documents from embassies, government facilities, nuclear research centres and oil and gas companies for almost half a decade. The malware exploited a bug in government systems that allowed it to recover deleted files …

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The War Z got hacked


With all the hate its received and the lack of acceptance of Sergey Titov’s apology over the whole War Z “saga,” we should have seen this one coming. Hackers managed to take down zombie survival MMO The War Z for a short period and at the time of writing, Steam …

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Facebook New Year messaging tool had privacy flaw


Hot off the back of its Instagram gaff, Facebook has suffered another blow to its reputation, as its Midnight Message Delivery app, that was designed to allow people to leave messages for loved ones that would be sent automatically as the New Year rolled around, had a gaping hole in …

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Nintendo 3DS hack gives user full control


The Nintendo 3DS has been under attack by hackers for the last couple of years but Nintendo has been steadfast in its defence of the handheld’s security. A couple of weeks ago though, we saw the beginnings to what could be a hack that opens the system up and now …

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Heroes of Newerth accounts hacked


S2 Games has announced that its MOBA title, Heroes of Newerth, has been hacked and the passwords of user’s accounts have been breached. To counter it the developer has reset everyone’s passwords and is recommending that any players change any login information elsewhere that shares details with HoN. Showing a …

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Security flaw found in Samsung SOC

A member of the XDA developers forum named ‘alephzain’ has claimed that there is a flaw in several Samsung handset and tablets which could allow attackers to access the RAM. The Register ran the story a short while ago. Alephzain posted the information here claiming that “The security hole is …

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Hacker marketplace plundered… by hackers


ExploitHub, a site that offers code that takes advantage of software vulnerabilities for a small fee, has found itself hacked, with a large database of its marketable software made available for free in a site dump. Initially, the site’s admins claimed that merely a message board discussion database had been …

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Facebook help FBI arrest 10 for botnet crimes

The FBI have arrested 10 people who are associated with a crime ring. They made the announcement and said that malware had infected 11 million computer systems and caused more than $850 million in losses. “The Department of Justice and the FBI, along with international law enforcement partners, announced the …

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Using IE? Hackers may be able to track your mouse

While this isn’t necessarily a vulnerability that could cause problems for the average user, those that make use of virtual keyboards – perhaps those with physical disabilities – are at risk thanks to a vulnerability in the Internet Explorer browser, making it possible for a nefarious few to track mouse …

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Password security, you should care!

For the last couple of weeks, I have been getting many calls from friends and family members about their computers giving problems. This is nothing unusual, but I have been noticing a plethora of security issues on the computers I have been fixing. One of the computers I have to …

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Skype exploit lets you steal anyone’s account

Hack Any Account

Update: Skype has now disabled the password reset link, though there is another one that’s supposedly active. Original Story: A new exploit for VOIP software client, Skype, has been discovered that has the potential to allow anyone to steal anyone else’s account, if they have the person’s login email. Fortunately …

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Hacker defaces NBC and Lady Gaga websites

A hacker who calls himself ‘pyknic’ has taken credit for defacing some websites belonging to NBC as well as a Lady Gaga website. People who visited the sites yesterday were presented with a message which referenced the failed assassination against King James I of England and King James VI of …

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In Russia, cyber crime is cheap


Whether you’re looking to hire a hacker for an hour, or have someone spammed, maybe you want a botnet of your very own, or a trojan that lets you take over a particular computer? All of this can be had for at most, a few hundred pounds – all you …

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Increased Hacker Interest in SQL Injection Attacks

Imperva, Inc. today released its October Hacker Intelligence Initiative report, “Monitoring Hacker Forums,” its second annual analysis of a large hacker forum containing roughly 250,000 members. Imperva has detected a black market for social network fraud.  In addition, about one third of discussions in the hacker forum focused on training …

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Kaspersky warns of targeted Cyberbomb MiniFlame threat

Most of KitGuru’s readers are probably not schooled in the whole art of nuclear warfare – which is a good thing. Those who grew up prior to the eighties would have been presented with many documentaries on the threat posed by the USSR and its advanced nuclear weapons programmes. Reading …

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Pirate Party speaks out on Gary McKinnon extradition block


Leader of the UK’s Pirate Party, Loz Kaye, has been speaking out about the extradition of hacker Gary McKinnon, after it was blocked yesterday by home secretary Theresa May. As you might imagine, he’s pleased. “Today’s decision is welcome, if long overdue. It’s frankly a scandal that Gary McKinnon has been …

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Microsoft issuing bans for Halo 4 pirates

Halo 4

Microsoft has announced that anyone found to have played the early release, pirated edition of Halo 4, will be given a lifetime Xbox Live ban. Some that have already played the game soon found themselves in receipt of an email from Microsoft that charged them with “prerelease title play.” Eurogamer …

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Could gamers be the next-gen security experts?

Jurassic Park

While we’re used to seeing Hollywood depict hacking and computer access as some sort of 3D world to be explored, whether it’s in Tron, or Jurassic Park, those seemingly ridiculous scenarios might actually be closer to computer security of the future than we might think. Traditionally, security officials spend their time looking …

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German government warns against IE use

Internet Explorer

With the latest of serious bugs in IE going unfixed for a couple of days now, Germany’s government has taken the surprising move to urge its citizens to stop using the long standing browser, amid fears over its security. Considering the flaw can affect all versions of the browser, it …

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