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Workstation Specialists WS-X1100 (with 2x NVIDIA Quadro GP100) Review

The Workstation Specialists WS-X1100 is an even more specialised beast than the Armari Magnetar V25R-RA750G2 we looked at a few months ago. The astronomical price means that you would only really consider it for the use intended. Buying this system – or any system with the NVIDIA Quadro GP100 graphics card in it – is really pointless unless you are using applications that can take advantage of its strengths.

In reality, that will probably mean V-Ray rendering. For that purpose, it’s amazingly powerful, spitting out finished results many times faster than a CPU alone or lesser graphics. The WS-X1100 on its own is a decent workstation, with a well built chassis. It’s not as noisy as you might expect from a system with three graphics cards in it, as the airflow is very good. It has competent, if not outstanding modelling ability.

So, overall, it boils down to whether you can use the huge prowess of the hugely expensive NVIDIA Quadro GP100 graphics card. It does have a lot of CUDA or OpenCL performance available, but you really need to need that to make the price worthwhile.

Price: £17,976.78 inc VAT (Buy from Workstation Specialists HERE)

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  • More GPGPU rendering performance than we’ve ever seen – by some margin.
  • Decent everyday modelling capability.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Not that noisy considering the GPU power inside.


  • The price.

Kitguru says: The Workstation Specialists WS-X1100 costs as much as a brand new premium hatchback, but its GPGPU rendering with V-Ray is in the top 20 in the world. You do have to pay for that privilege.

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Rating: 9.0.

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