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Crucial Ballistix Sport 2400MHz 32GB DDR4 Memory Kit Review


We used 3DMark‘s ‘Fire Strike’ benchmark which is designed to be used on gaming PCs. We opted for the Normal setting, NOT the Extreme mode.


Bioshock Infinite

We used the Bioshock Infinite demanding ‘Ultra’ setting and a 1920×1080 resolution to push today’s gaming hardware. Our data was recorded using a section of the game, not the built-in benchmark.


3DMark showed consistently higher performance for the Crucial Ballistix Sport result. The consistency of the higher scoring test results would imply that the underlying Micron chips are well-rewarded in 3DMark, although there’s also the point for a different item in the test system skewing this very small points victory in Crucial’s direction.

As far as gaming with Bioshock Infinite at a 1080P resolution is concerned, memory is memory – irrelevant of speed and capacity.

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