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ASRock X570 Taichi Motherboard Review

Users wanting to adjust colours of LEDs on the motherboard and those connected via the sync interface will need to install ASRock RGB LED. The software tool provides colour control in a wheel and square mechanism that is a little more complicated than colour blocks but gives superior granularity.

The RGB lighting colours can be controlled individually. There are a few basic lighting modes but nothing that I would consider to be out-of-the-ordinary. There are no ‘intelligent’ control modes as we would find on competing offerings, so don’t expect to set your LED colours to switch when your CPU temperature increases.

A-Tuning is ASRock’s equivalent to ASUS AI Suite, Gigabyte EasyTune, and MSI Dragon Center. This software allows you to overclock on the fly (OTF) and tune the fan speeds with the ASRock Fan-Tastic tuning utility. It’s a reasonably well-polished piece of software, is light on system resources, and not very intrusive. A-Tuning is decent enough and the data that was pulled through from system sensors seemed to align well with more established monitoring tools such as HWinfo64.

In our experience, overclocking is still better off carried out within the UEFI environment as it has more options and is more granular, but there’s no harm in ASRock offering the software equivalent.

Fan control within ASRock’s OS software is good. You get the same 5-point curve capability as is found within the UEFI. And there’s the option to apply the fan settings at system start up – ideal if you want to make permanent changes or just temporary ones. The chipset fan featured one additional point on its speed curve.

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