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be quiet! Pure Power 11 700W PSU Review

Performance Rating

The following graph shows the L11-CM-700’s total performance rating, comparing it to other units we have tested. To be more specific, the tested unit is shown as 100 percent, and every other unit’s performance is shown relative to it.

The overall performance is not high, with the SSR-750FX and the BWG750M being way ahead. Even the Corsair Vengeance 750M, which has similar specs, achieves a notably higher score.

Performance Per Dollar

The following chart may be the most interesting to many of you because it depicts the product’s performance-per-dollar score. We looked up the current price of each PSU on popular online shops and used those prices and all relative performance numbers to calculate the index. Note that all of the numbers in the following graphs are normalized by the rated power of each unit.

With a close to 100 dollars price tag the performance per buck is not so competitive. With the same amount someone can get a Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 750W or the similar capacity Bitfenix Whisper M, with both units offering higher performance and a longer warranty.

Noise Rating

The graph below depicts the cooling fan’s average noise over the PSU’s operating range, with an ambient temperature between 30°C and 32°C (86°F to 89.6°F).

When it comes to noise output, the L11-CM-700 honors its brand’s name since it is super quiet. Only the, more expensive, Corsair RM750x (2018) manages to outperform it in this section.

Efficiency Rating

The following graph shows the PSU’s average efficiency throughout its operating range, with an ambient temperature close to 30°C.

The ACRF topology delivers what it promises, ETA-A and 80 PLUS Gold efficiency levels.

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